5 innovative solutions for arranging a small kitchen

We will show you great ideas for a small kitchen. New solutions that allow small kitchens to be comfortable. Many of us live with kitchens in 4-6 meters.

Therefore, let’s face it — we urgently need solutions that will allow us to conveniently prepare and spend time at dinner with our family at home. After all, a good lovingly cooked dinner is what we are waiting for almost half a day, and this ultimately is half the life.

In this article, you will find 12 innovative solutions for arranging a small kitchen!

Secret number 1: it’s all about furniture

It should be borne in mind that the cooking area also includes household appliances, for which you need to allocate enough space. Therefore, designs with built-in devices are very popular. They can be hidden behind storage facades.

If the horizontal area does not allow much to turn around. You can use the height of the walls and buy headsets up to the ceiling. In the cabinets on the upper levels, where it is difficult to reach, they usually store items of the last necessity. Moreover, such a move will visually increase the kitchen.

To save space, it is usually advised to replace the lockers with open shelves.But this is not a very rational solution. Firstly, not all household accessories have an aesthetic design that can be shown off. Secondly, the presence of facades protects them from dust. However, it is better to stop your choice on cabinets with hinged or lifting doors, and at the lower level you should replace them with drawers.

furniture for a small kitchen

The secret number 2: modern solutions «on the cover» is actually practical

The free window sill can be transformed into a small table, thereby using an unused zone. If food is not eaten in the kitchen so often, it is better to purchase a set with a folding or withdrawable stand.

The best option is the bar counter, which takes up little space, can be combined with a kitchen or located separately.

In addition to standard chairs, it is recommended to pay attention to the corner sofa benches with built-in drawers. They are comfortable and provide more seats.

Secret number 3: windows

windows in a small kitchen

Light curtains with a floral or fruit ornament, a simple geometric pattern — the most traditional solution for rooms decorated in the style of country or Provence.
Monochromatic bright curtains that visually expand the kitchen area will be perfectly bored.
Convenient pickups will help to relieve such curtains from a fast burning out, and for additional protection of the room from the sun, roll constructions or practical blinds are perfect.

Secret number 4: a single color

All magazines do not stop repeating that a single color scheme will allow you to solve almost all the problems in design. Is it so? Yes it is! Only it should be chosen according to all the rules.
White was and remains a universal color. Although some owners have concerns about the purity of such coatings. In order for any types of contamination to manifest themselves not so quickly, it is necessary to select a material that does not hold up particles of dirt.

Objects of pastel shades or those that form the texture of the material look appropriate on a white background: warm wood, cold metal or deep stone. Bright colors need to be used very carefully, interweaving in individual details — they serve as artistic accents.

Secret number 5: divide and conquer

The kitchen interior should be treated like a math problem, a designer / toy LEGO. Take the basic elements (all you need), then draw a kitchen plan in a notebook in a cell (1 cm — this is 50 cm or 1 m), and then arrange them as they usually are in professional interiors.

It seems to you that there is not enough space? And you try to reduce the countertops, aisles, buy fashionable little chairs, add lighting, remove a large stove and replace it with a double-stove, hang the microwave so that it does not take up space on the countertop.

Separate zones, as in a large interior, reduce the details, in the end you will get the perfect interior
small kitchen zoning

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