12 Most Popular Kids’ Room Design Ideas for 2019

Design features of the children’s room

Planning and designing a children’s room is best to start with a complete review of the overall layout of the apartment.

It is possible that you will have several corridors or a large number of load-bearing walls that cannot be touched, strange corners- over the years of our work, we have met with an uncountable number of “interesting” apartment layouts.

children's room

But we are sure that even in the smallest apartment, you can find options to redistribute the space so that there is enough space for everyone — both parents and children.

We recommend starting the design of the children’s room by choosing the lightest room. If the windows of the future nursery will go to the south or west side, well.

If the layout of your apartment does not allow such an opportunity, then the lighting of the room will need to be given additional attention — we will write about this later in this article.

The size of the children’s room is important, but in our projects we always start from what was originally laid out by the apartment’s layout, and we look, first of all, at the fact that the child just needs his own territory and needs to be separated from the parent zone.

Therefore, even a small room, just 5-7 m2, if properly approached to the zoning of space, can be turned into a comfortable and functional children’s room.

children's room

Light in the children’s room

The choice of lighting for any room is important, and especially for children’s rooms. In this case, you need to pay attention not only to the fact that the lamps beautifully fit into the interior design of the dwelling, they must meet a number of important factors that affect the health and proper development of the baby:

  • The lighting must be safe: sockets with curtains, hidden wiring
  • It is necessary to provide for desktop lighting of the child’s desktop so that your child does not spoil his eyesight when performing school lessons
  • Many children have a fear of the dark. To avoid this, you can use nightlights or special night lighting for some areas of the room to make the child comfortable
  • The tonality of the light should be warm, perhaps with a yellowish tone — this will add room comfort and make the microclimate in it comfortable
  • Open fixtures are best not to use. The fact is that a harsh light sometimes causes eye diseases, and it is better not to allow this than to treat it
  • Often the light is used for more convenient zoning of the space of the nurserychildren's room lighting

Choosing colors and materials for the children’s room

When developing a children’s room interior design, it is important to remember that all the materials used should be environmentally friendly and, if possible, as natural as possible (this mainly concerns furniture, decor and textiles).

Children’s furniture should be functional: if the space is small, then it makes sense to put folding beds or wardrobe beds. Almost a win-win solution when planning a children’s room are the various options for two-tier beds.
It should also take into account the fact that your child is growing, and the interior of the room should change with him from child to teenage. This is a fairly expensive and time-consuming process.

furniture for children's room

It is possible to immediately consider the possibility of transforming children’s design into teenage. For this, it is better to use neutral tones in the interior. Then, over the years, the room can be easily converted to fit the new needs of the child, replacing some separate parts.

Children’s workplace: convenient zoning of children’s room space

Organizing an ergonomic work space for a child is one of the most difficult when working on the design of a child’s room.

The fact is that if your child likes the workplace, he will want to spend more time behind him, do his homework, develop, read.

Therefore, we recommend that you talk with your baby, find out what he likes and in what style he would like to have a desktop.

The second important point when working on this part of the nursery is the choice of anatomically correct table and chair. So that the child sits properly and does not harm his health.
If planning allows, the child’s workplace should best be placed near the window where there is the most natural light.

In addition, it is important that the child in his workplace does not distract anything. If the zone space is true, then it will be a little isolated from the temptations to play, distract to sleep

Workplaces at the window and a different color scheme in the bedroom, play and work areas help to cope with this task.

children's room zoning

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