Design a small bedroom: 30 photos best interior ideas

Design a small bedroom: 30 photos and interior ideas

People spend almost a third of their lives in a dream, so it is very important that the place intended for relaxation is as comfortable as possible. A pleasant interior will help you relax and forget about all things outside the bed. You will find ideas and tips on how to create a corner of paradise from a small bedroom in this article.

Choose an interior style

If you plan the interior of a living room, kitchen or office, you have to think first of all about their functionality, then in the relaxation zone you can give free rein to imagination and listen to the desires of the soul. Styles such as Scandinavian, modern, classic, minimalism, loft or Provence can become the basis for design experiments in a small bedroom.


Small bedroom in a modern style

A small bedroom of the 21st century is clear graphic lines, calm tones and no extra items.

small bedroom photo

Modern style involves neat but reliable furniture without additional decor. The walls and ceiling are plain, in gray, white or beige colors. Black, chocolate and dark blue finishes are best reserved for large rooms. The floor may be covered with parquet, laminate or carpet of discreet color. Metal luster, chrome-plated handles, polished wood, mirrors — all this reflects light and visually increases the space.

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Accents in the form of paintings, exquisite floor lamps, ceramic figures, indoor plants are allowed. Bed linen should be silk or cotton, without noticeable prints. Spot perimeter LED lighting and bedside sconces with matte milky white shades help create a relaxed atmosphere and tune into a serene dream.

Small classic style bedroom

This style will be appreciated by lovers of luxury. Marshmallow shades of white, pink, peach, light lilac are ideally combined with aristocratic golden-silver patterns, stucco moldings, columns and crystal chandeliers.

small bedroom photo

Carved furniture painted in ivory tone enamel will create a magnificent atmosphere of the palace. The head of the bed can be upholstered in soft leather. Windows should be closed with curtains made of brocade, velvet, satin to match the overall design. The same fabrics are suitable for a canopy. The cover can be jacquard, with flickering patterns. The abundance of light in a «precious» frame will turn an ordinary small room into a truly royal bedchamber.

Small Provence style bedroom

Romantic people who love the atmosphere of the south of France, the Provence style is the best fit. All interior details must be in pastel colors — white-blue, pink, light purple, pale green and beige. From textiles, it is preferable to choose a burnt, faded chintz with a small floral ornament, tiny peas, a cage, and rhombuses.

small bedroom photo

Furniture for a small bedroom in the style of Provence is desirable to choose a simple and without pretentiousness. It can be made of light wood without varnish or painted in white (with a slight shade).

Small loft style bedroom

Initially, the term «loft» called the former factories, industrial warehouses and offices, which were converted into housing. They are characterized by the lack of decoration on the walls, a lot of free space, high ceilings and large windows. However, some ideas from this style may well be useful to refresh the interior of a small bedroom.

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For example, instead of boring wallpaper or plaster, only bare brickwork, concrete panels or their imitation are left. A simple bed without legs is installed directly on the plank floor. Everything should look like it is a temporary shelter for a free artist: no decorative frills, except for a couple of black and white prints, a mirror in a thin frame and technological lamps for lighting.

For the sake of a visual increase in the room, you can expand the window, turning it into a panoramic one, and order a wardrobe with glossy metal doors. The role of curtains in the loft should be performed by blinds or simple curtains with vertical folds.

Minimalism style small bedroom

This is the best option for a small bedroom. It completely lacks any excesses — no curls, patterns, decor or decorations. One or two close in spectrum or contrasting colors in the design, perfectly flat, smooth surfaces, clear furniture, simple lamps

small bedroom photo

The first association with Scandinavia is transparency and coolness. Decoration in airy white tones with light brown or gray-blue accents should be chosen for rooms facing the South, as well as located in a warm climate. Such a finish will help to transfer heat more easily and create a feeling of freshness and lightness. The Scandinavian-style bedroom should remind you of snow-capped mountain peaks and icy rivers.

Color schemes

Since we are talking about bedrooms with a small area, the main attention should be focused on a light palette. Colors close to white reflect more light and visually expand the room.

Small bedroom in white

It was not without reason that nature itself chose this color in order to shelter the earth that fell asleep in winter: it lulls, relaxes, creates an atmosphere of purity and peace. In a completely snow-white room, a dream will come in a matter of minutes, and if you want to add romance — just use the colored lighting.

small bedroom photo

Small bedroom in blue tones

Making in heavenly shades relieves nervous tension and cools the body.

small bedroom photo

It will be appropriate if the apartment is often hot. Active, active people, this color will help a little dissipate energy and enjoy dreams.

small bedroom photo

Little green bedroom

Herbal, light green, emerald, marine — all of them create a feeling of freshness, provide a welcome rest to the eyes and nervous system. This is the easiest color to read, because it is right in the middle of the rainbow spectrum.

small bedroom photo

Green is the color of life, and to combine it in the bedroom is with calm natural shades: gray, brown, sandy yellow, turquoise or lavender.

small bedroom photo


Little purple bedroom

A soft purple tone appears in the sky in the evening, after sunset. It envelops the horizon with a light haze and as if invites to the fairyland of dreams.

small bedroom photo

In the bedroom, it can be a great addition to green, yellow or pink elements. Also purple harmoniously looks with white, beige and cream colors.

small bedroom photo

Small yellow bedroom

This sunny color is perfect for a bedroom that lacks heat (for example, there is no window or it faces north).

small bedroom photo

Sand, lemon, saffron, golden will make the room bright and warm. Shades of yellow cheer you up and fill your life with joy, and combine them best with white, green, blue, purple or brown.

small bedroom photo

Small gray bedroom

Gray is the most calm and neutral color. It is much softer than black, so it won’t look bulky. This is a wonderful background for any bright accents, and in itself it has a conciseness and restraint. Light or silver gray options are suitable for all interior styles.


Finishing and materials

The choice of materials for decorating the bedroom is not limited to almost anything. Humidity in this room is normal, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and other factors is minimal. The only important condition that should not be neglected is the safety of materials: they should not contain harmful impurities and emit toxic fumes.



The floor in the bedroom is best made from warm material. It can be a wooden parquet, a laminate, a carpet. To make the space seem more voluminous, you should abandon the dark and heterogeneous colors, and lay the boards or other vertical drawings perpendicular to the window. The carpet should merge with the main shade, or completely cover the room, otherwise it will “cut” and reduce it.

small bedroom photo


The best choice for a small bedroom is light walls, plain or with a small, almost imperceptible pattern. This can be whitewashing, painting, decorative plaster (possible with reflective sparkles), wallpaper, wood panels and cork.

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For the loft style, it is better to choose a masonry of white or grayish color (under silicate brick or sandstone).


To visually make the bedroom higher, the ceiling should be glossy. It is good that light from side sconces is reflected in it. The volumetric effect can be achieved by placing the mirror stretch film in the “frame”

small bedroom photo

For a romantic design, a ceiling in the form of a blue or starry sky, with a cosmic 3D-pattern and elements flickering in the dark, is suitable. Images of planets, large figures, rich tones in the design of a small bedroom should be avoided.


The choice of fabrics must be consistent with the overall style. But in any case, they should not be dark and contain large prints. Curtains are better to get light, airy, from synthetic fabrics.

small bedroom photo

Bed linens in a small bedroom will look better monochrome, diluted white shades or gray. To sleep comfortably, it is better to give preference to high-quality natural fabrics made of cotton, silk or linen.

Placement of furniture, appliances and accessories

When everything is in order with the decoration and the bedroom looks more spacious, it’s time to think about how to use its real area with maximum benefit. Each type of room has its own recommendations and features.

small bedroom photo

Small square bedroom

If all sides are of equal length, no particular problems arise. So, the bed can be installed in the center, the headboard to a blank or furniture wall, high dressers or pencil cases on the sides, and a wardrobe on the other wall.

small bedroom photo

Good to save space will help elevation-podium with pull-out shelves, inside which it is easy to hide clothes, bedding and various things needed in the household.

small bedroom photo

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