Design of a small bathroom — 9 fashionable ideas

Design of a small bathroom — 9 fashionable ideas

A small bathroom is not a sentence yet! We have fresh ideas for you! In the design of a small bathroom is very difficult not to make mistakes. Therefore, we asked the experts to help us choose the most convenient layouts, options for finishing and arranging furniture for your bathroom!

Change the bath bowl on the shower

Bathroom with shower
The most obvious solution to the reorganization of the space becomes the choice in favor of the shower, and not the bathroom bowl. Thus, you save about 0.6-0.7 squares, which is enough to install a washing machine.

We put a washing machine under the sink or countertop

If a stand-alone washing machine seems not very aesthetic to you, try putting it under the countertop or even under the sink. The last option will save you a lot of space.
washing machine under the sink

Built-in floor drain for shower and hanging toilet

hanging toilet

These two ideas together are a very popular solution for decorating a modern bathroom.So cleaning in this case becomes easier, and the appearance of mold in the shower is almost impossible!

Convenient niches and storage cabinets in the bathroom

niches and storage cabinets in the bathroom

If the bathroom has a place where you can mount a cabinet. For example, a niche, a recess in the wall, then this option will be the most optimal. The only thing that it will have to make to order or independently. So as not to be mistaken with the size. In such a cabinet you can place built-in appliances. For example, a washing machine, and organize shelves or a laundry basket above it. Door of this cabinet is very convenient to equip with a mirror that will visually increase the size of the room.

Contrast design ideas, walls, panels and inserts

To decorate a small bathroom, use light tiles — white, pale gray, beige or pastel colors. And to make your little bathroom look more beautiful. Think over accent walls, designer panels and inserts that will make the interior more interesting.

how to To decorate a small bathroom

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